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I was just curious as to what anyone thought of WeightLoss Supplement CLA/GLA Supplement Tonalin/Borage Oil. If it works.. if it's a crock.. Just wanted to hear some thoughts. I hear it is supposed to melt the fat away.. but does anything really do it but diet and exercise..I had never heard of it before.
I took it for several years, bought into all the health claims about weight loss and that is was a good breast cancer preventitive. Newer reports are saying CLA in supplement form is worthless! In capsule form, the CLA is derived most commonly from sunflower oil. Not the same as the CLA that occurs in grass fed animal products.

Borage and/or primrose oil supply GLA which are necessary for good health, but not for weight loss.
Thank you so much Kathy!! I have been seeing claims all over the place, about that it helps get rid of fat...I always go back to the same and the only way to lose weight....
I use the hollywood safflower oil and am losing belly fat quickly. I take 2 tsp of oil and 2 gla caps per day. Googling safflower oil led me to a few studies that convinced me to give it a try.
Oh wow.. I am very happy for you...I have the safflower oil...but not the other stuff..because I don't think it's for real..
Look a little deeper into the study~

Here is the article mentioning the company sponsored results. The company providing the funding sells oil.

"A Dose Of Safflower Oil Each Day Might Keep Heart Disease At Bay"

"Belury is an investigator with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. This research was also supported by an unrestricted gift from the Cognis Corp., which also provided the supplements; the National Center for Research Resources; the Clinical Research Center at Ohio State; and the National Institutes of Health.

Co-authors of the study include Michelle Asp, Angela Collene, Leigh Norris, Rachel Cole and Michael Stout of the Department of Human Nutrition and Szu-Yu Tang and Jason Hsu of the Department of Statistics, all at Ohio State.

Source: Ohio State University"

Safflower oil has a very high omega-6 fatty acid content. The problems associated with consumption of any seed oil rich in omega-6 are due to the long-term complications. Over time, these oils cause chronically elevated levels of pro-inflammatory hormones, such as tumor necrosis factor; and ultimately to tissue damage in the liver, pancreas, and other organs.
OH wow Kathy...unreal...thank you so much for the link...

I am battling a huge weight problem...I just really think, that it comes down to diet and exercise...people like me are desperate to find something... but the something is just hard work...that's what I think.. and that's why I never took it...but it is the rage everywhere it seems..
Free range eggs are easier to find that grass fed beef and they are cheaper. You can get tons of natural CLA that way.
I was just curious as to what the stuff was...if someone takes it.. do they have success.. but to me more times than none.. it always goes back to diet diet diet and exercise...I suppose if there was a magic pill or whatever.. we would all be skinny minnies...