"We thought we knew about eating right" by Sue Ontiveros
"We thought we knew about eating right" by Sue Ontiveros , 06-25-2014 02:11 PM


"We thought we knew about eating right" by Sue Ontiveros in Chicago Sun Times: http://www.suntimes.com/news/ontiveros/2...right.html

The impact of Nina Teicholz' New York Times bestselling book The Big Fat Surprise continues to penetrate the mainstream media culture. This is so awesome seeing all the lies we've been told about diet and health coming to light that we've been banging the drum about for the past decade. And it's about time.

Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to share with our friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and more about why fat is good, carbohydrates (especially processed ones) are harmful, and how everything we thought we "knew" about nutrition was dead wrong. Use these positive stories from the media to share the basic principles of healthy living that you know have worked well for you. This is only just the beginning of something BIG happening in shifting that paradigm even more.

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