Pork Rinds make "10 Worst" List
Pork Rinds make "10 Worst" List , 06-16-2011 12:32 AM


Quote:7. Pork Rinds

Where do I start with this preferred and often-recommended snack of the low-carb crowd? When you head to the label, the plain variety has just two ingredients: pork rinds and salt. But what are pork rinds?

You know how the tough outer layer or peel of an orange or lemon is called the rind? Ah, yea. No difference. Pork rinds are the tough, outer skin layer of pigs.

And, as if that weren’t awful enough, these rinds are coated with salt and put in a dehydrator for hours. They are then cut into little pellets.

Not disgusted yet? Keep reading.

These pellets are dropped into vats of cooking oil for about 60 seconds. And voila! You have puffy, Styrofoam-like snacks.

So, basically we’re talking about deep-fried pork skin. Not a good thing!

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RE: Pork Rinds make "10 Worst" List , 06-16-2011 12:43 AM

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Hmmmm, why doesn't oil have to be listed on the ingredients list? I always thought pork rinds were made by rendering the pig lard and the pork cracklins were the byproduct left after the fats were rendered out. Since I've raised pigs, and have witnessed how smelly and repulsive they can be, I would be very leery about eating pork rinds. They wallow in their own feces and urine, I can't imagine how the skin could ever be properly sanitzed....short of bleach. So, think about that next time you are crunching down your pork rinds!

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I thought the same. I looked at some labels and all they said were pork rinds, salt.

I thought they must be fried in something, and I doubt we want to know what kind of oil. I doubt it's healthy.
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Thanks Skcoe - I never even thought about that - and I remember when we were young we ate these from local street vendors who brought them from their neighborhood farms...YUCK!! They couldn't have cleaned the pigs very good...what were we thinking????
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We don't really eat these in the UK - we have 'pork scratchings' but they come with flour and MSG etc. I tried the pork rinds when I was in the U.S but I really didn't care for the taste.

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To each his own. My grandparents raised pigs and I saw first hand how dirty they could be. But really if you looked at how most meat is processed to get it to the supermarket, you'd never want to eat that again, too. The pork rinds are cooked, not raw and heat kills bacteria, so I'm not worried about it.

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I wouldn't eat pork rind or pork scratchings, since I wouldn't trust what may or may not be in them, but good old-fashioned pork-crackling, what we call the outer layer of roast pork after you take it out of the oven, eaten with the fat of course, is manna from heaven, and what English families always fight over, at least properly brought-up English families :-)

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Pork rinds are pork fat/skin fried in pork fat. The stuff they sell in plastic bags at the grocery store is an acceptable low carb snack, and I see nothing wrong with eating fried pork fat/skin. The good stuff is chicharrón which you can find as an appetizer in some Mexican restaurants. It is pork fat with a little meat attached fried in lard. Every bite is bursting with flavor.
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The frying process alone will kill anything that might be growing. I'm more Leary of chicken....
I love pork rinds.

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Pork rinds dirty? Life is a dirty process. Some of my favorite foods are made by letting stuff rot. Cheese, sauerkraut, sour cream, aged steak. Do any of you saying that you wouldnt eat pork rinds eat/drink anything fermented? How are pork rinds any worse than eating rotten foods? Where is the logic? Does it somehow not apply?


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most pork rinds are cooked in canola oil......unless you make your own!

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Yes Doc but some are cooked in plain old lard. DfH has a jihad against pork rinds and Intermittent Fasting. But that's OK I respect his religious beliefs.

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Well I wouldn't eat pork, no matter how fatty, that was heaving with maggots, for example. Even I have my limits

Actually there is a more serious reason to distrust pork in general (not rinds particularly) which is because of its feeding habits, it might have picked up unwelcome "guests" (can't think of the technical term for the moment). So whereas I'd happily eat beef rare, I'd be more careful to cook pork "well done" to make sure they get finished off. Well, that's a tip I read from the famous "Bear" (Owsley Stanley), sadly now departed. Depends where your pigs come from I suppose.
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I believe you mean trichinosis, or infestation of the trichina worm.


It's quite rare in this country.
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It's quite rare in this country.

Thanks. Yes, that's almost certainly what I had in mind.
(I later thought of the term "parasites" which would cover it in general).

I think The Bear said it was rare in some countries. Ironically though I think it's more likely in free range animals who can grub around for goodness knows what, even though we think of free-range as being healthier.