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How to count carbs on Atkins?

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Hello low carbers,
I'm starting the Atkins induction phase, but I'm a little confused about the process of counting carbs. For instance, supposedly you can get all 20 grams daily just by eating 2 to 3 cups of lettuce, but when i check the carb info online it lists it as wayyyy less than that.
Can someone please explain it better to me?

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You aren't restricted to a few cups of lettuce on Atkins, you take the 20gs of carbs from the foods on the induction list:


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Don't worry about it. Just keep carbs to a minimum if you want to lose weight.

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You might want to check your carb counts again. 3 cups of Romaine lettuce has 1.2 net carbs and 24 calories. The problem with salads is not the lettuce. It is the dressings and additional toppings you add to the lettuce.

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