HEALTH SCAM ALERT! Hidden Bible Code & The 'Matthew 4 Protocol'
HEALTH SCAM ALERT! Hidden Bible Code & The 'Matthew 4 Protocol' , 03-03-2014 03:40 PM


HEALTH SCAM ALERT! I was driving around in my car this morning running some errands and heard a radio ad for a website called claiming that they've found the Biblical "cure" for cancer, heart disease, and more.

When I went to the website and watched the extremely long video (there's no way to pause, rewind or fast forward, so don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon if you decide to watch it) pushing this "Matthew 4 Protocol" and accompanying "healing code" book promoting things like crown of thorns extract and frankincense extract (coincidentally, these extracts are only available from "one US supplier") as the great hidden answer to every health ailment of modern society, I could only shake my head in disgust.

As a Christian who is keenly interested in nutritional health, there is nothing worse in my mind than an aggressive marketing propaganda campaign preying on the innocent ignorance of those people of faith who may not understand what this is all about. Yes, I'm all in favor of finding natural ways that honor God's temple (your body) to become healthy, but the mysterious naturopath discussed in this video--Dr. Mark Stengler--seems to be more of an opportunistic shyster than a benevolent health crusader.

Furthermore, about 15 or so minutes into the half-hour video presentation, they bash the Paleo diet for being based on "evolutionary" principles. This is pure and utter nonsense as ANYONE--Christian, atheist, or whatever--could stand to benefit from eating a real foods-based, nutrient-dense diet. They admitted Paleo is "all the rage" and "healthy," but again appealed to the fear of evolution that some Christians have. These people are very conniving and manipulative in the way they presented all of this information and this is a huge red flag of an unscrupulous scam you should run very far away from.

Here's a blog post from "Irregular Times" about some of the other issues with this scam:

If you happen to hear this radio ad, now you know more about what it's all about. Don't say you weren't warned!

Jimmy Moore, "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Discussion" forum owner
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RE: HEALTH SCAM ALERT! Hidden Bible Code & The 'Matthew 4 Protocol' , 03-03-2014 06:58 PM

Expert Low-Carber

I do find myself wishing that it was referred to as the "ancestral health diet" instead of the "Paleo" diet, because too many people (including some adherents) think we are somehow reenacting the "cave dweller's diet".

I also have had the thought that bread is held in such high esteem in the Bible and blessed by Christians and Jews before consuming because it was SO hard to bring to the table (cultivating the grain and hoping the conditions would allow it to grow, harvesting, threshing, grinding, baking) and must have been a special part of the diet. Bread didn't just appear, not even in the Exodus from Egypt, where G-d provided manna, not bread--and the Israelites so prized their unbaked bread that they carried them along with them as they left Egypt. Protein and fat from dairy, eggs, domesticated animals, and fish must have been considered somewhat more easy to obtain in comparison, and perhaps were a larger part of the diet than we tend to think.