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Jimmy's Interview With Danny Roddy About 'The Healthy Hair Diet'


In Episode 445 of "The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore," we hear from rocker-turned-Paleo-dieter Danny Roddy who has penned an e-book about how to reverse hair loss nutritionally with an animal-based diet called The Healthy Hair Diet: How Avoiding Convention Can You Save Your Hair. After experiencing an inexplicable loss of hair at the ripe age of 20, Danny set out on a journey that led him from propecia to natural supplements before he finally discovered what would resolve this issue once and for all. If you or someone you know is dealing with a balding scalp, then you need to listen to this interview!

Listen to Danny Roddy talk about his dietary solution to hair loss:
- Why he got interested in researching nutrition and health
- His rock band success that made him more conscious about his hair loss
- The experience he has with the prescription drug propecia
- His transition to taking 50-60 supplementations to help halt his hair loss
- The anxiety and depression he went through as his hair kept falling out
- How this journey to fix his hair loss has put him on the right track with his health
- What is causing hair loss to happen that is lacking in a bad diet
- Why he believes high-quality animal products are the basis of a healthy diet
- How eating a vegan diet was "the worst year of my life" on "the hair-destroying diet"
- What has happened to his hair in recent years after finding the right diet
- The kind of hair loss that he is referring to with his plan
- Why people so quickly turn to prescription drugs like Rogaine
- The fallacy of relying on supplements alone as a means of fixing hair loss
- What the most prominent hair supplements are supposed to be
- The nine key hormones that are integral to understanding hair loss
- Why metabolic syndrome is tied to premature hair loss
- How low-calorie diets tend to lead to hair loss
- The role fructose plays in the regulation of these hormones that shed hair
- Why vegetable oils with high omega-6 fats are tied to hair loss
- The intangible benefits of eating healthy saturated fats in their diet
- Where people can start to make a difference in their own personal hair loss
- How baldness is a marker of future health anomalies
- Why he believes starchy carbohydrates are okay and very low-carb diets aren't optimal
- The role of intermittent fasting in dealing with hair loss
- The 15 pages of references in his 95-page e-book
- How a rock n' roller turned into such a science/nutrition geek

Click here to hear this fascinating conversation with Danny Roddy about diet and hair loss.

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