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Coconut Oil Daily

Newbie Low-Carber

I'm curious to know if anyone is taking coconut oil daily and what your results have been? I read Dr. Bruce Fife's book Miracle of Coconut Oil and have spent a few days doing the Tb. before a meal but would love to hear some testimonies.

Advanced Low-Carber

Well, I've been doing daily and so far no Alzheimer's. Just joking--that's my big motivation, but difficult to measure!

I think it certainly helps my metabolism. I used to be cold all the time. When I first started CO I seemed to be having hot flashes but now I'm just comfortable. My lipid panel just came back and it's spectacular. But weight loss has stalled. So no big results, but I think it's worthwhile and if the anti-Alzheimer's claims are true that's great.

Expert Low-Carber

I take it, slowly built up to 2T. a day. If I increase it to 3T., the laxative effect kicks in, so I just do 1T. in each of two cups of coffee each morning (or I warm it slightly 2-3 sec. in a MW and just drink it from a little cup, plain). It revs up metabolism, so I never take any after 3-4pm, because I've heard it keeps some awake at night.

I'm hoping I'm reaping all the many oft-cited health benefits of coconut oil. My skin sure seems to be softer. My mother was formally diagnosed with MCI a year ago, then dementia in July and is speeding toward Alzheimer's like a steam locomotive because she refuses to do any of the things we or her doctors tell her might slow the progreses of the disease. Her specialist said last month we will be having to look into a special care facility in 6-12 mos., 18 at the outside, since her condition has greatly deteriorated since summer (down 6 points in just 6 months on the St. Louis Mental Status (SLUMS) test often used in evaluating dementias and their progression.

I'm primarily taking CO hoping to reap the proactive benefits they say CO may provide for anyone with a genetic (Mom has it, Dad did not), nutritional (high-carbs for years) or lifestyle (not into regular exercise) that may predispose them to dementia or AD.

This amazing series of interviews on Youtube I watched last year (lengthy, but well worth the watching) with Dr. Newport and her husband (who has AD), made an indelible impression on me. He made remarkable improvements taking 2T. of CO daily. Went from not being able to do his wife's medical practice bookkeeping, to being able to do it once again! These videos, articles I've read thanks to links posted by one of our members here at LLVLC, Ted Hutchinson, and my mother's formal diagnosis, are why I take coconut oil daily: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iScs0uzQZ...4B11E5C8F2

my recipe blog: http://buttoni.wordpress.com/

Junior Low-Carber

Let's see, I've been a CO devotee for over two years. When I first started eating it I had a major detox - and that was a week after doing a store-bought detox. I get warm when I eat it. It does seem to enhance calorie burning for me - I popped about 2 tp before every meal on a cruise, ate and drank what I wanted, and gained no weight. I tried the diet in the book, but it appears I need lc to be healthy and lose.

I use it as a moisturizer on my hands and face and it definitely takes the red out. Which gives me hope it has a similar anti-inflammatory effect internally. Took about five months of more-or-less daily applications to clear up psoriasis patches on my ankles that had been active for decades.

And, oil-pulling. Oh, CO rocks for oil-pulling!

Plus, if anything helps me avoid following my mother into dementia, I am gonna do it!

- Nancy

Newbie Low-Carber

I never really thought much about the detox until you mentioned it. The last couple of nights I have felt quite warm - almost flush. I was almost going to stop the CO because of lack of weight loss but I think I will persevere.


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