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Calcium Supplements Not so Good?

Expert Low-Carber

I've come across two articles in the past few weeks which discuss the cons of calcium supplements.

Wanted to share in case they were helpful to anyone..





Expert Low-Carber

It is important though that the RDA for calcium intake is met daily from FOOD and DRINKS including water.

I like home made full fat yoghurt as a calcium source and aged cheese.

It's far more likely that people are MAGNESIUM deficient or insufficient these days but you do need to check BOTH and while you're at it check vitamin k sources. You need both magnesium and vitamin K to lock calcium in bones and keep it there. You don't want to have to rely on calcium trafficking (continually drag calcium in/out of bones) just to meet your daily needs.

It's a bit like having to burn the structural timbers from your house structure at night to keep warm and then next day rebuild your house.

Food sourced calcium is better used than calcium from supplements so ONLY rely on supplemental calcium to make up the shortfall between diet/water and the calcium RDA for your age/sex and then limit to under 500mg/daily.

I don't suppose I have to remind anyone here that achieving optimum vitamin d status will quadruple the amount of calcium your body is able to absorb so is fundamental to calcium uptake.


Dr. Davis said as much in my "Encore Week" 2012 interview about calcium:


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Expert Low-Carber

If you do decide you need calcium supplementation, the cheapest (and possibly best) way is via powdered eggshell. The eggshells should be boiled (to remove pathogens on the outside - clean, boiled-egg shells are ideal), dried, broken up, and can be powdered in the coffee-grinder attachment of a blender.

This gives you powdered calcium carbonate.
I used to dissolve it in lemon juice to make the citrate, but you can just drink it down in warm water as it is (you shouldn't need much, e.g. less than half a teaspoon per day). Might need a few additional swigs of water to get it all down.

People say that calcium carbonate is less bioavailable than other calcium salts, but not everyone egrees. The following is a sales plug, but I've seen non-commercial sources saying similar things:


And (if you eat eggs anyway and have a grinder), it doesn't cost you anything, and you could "afford" to take more of this (if necessary), than you would of an expensive commercial supplement.

I agree with the vitamin & mineral reccomendations (from food sources where possible). Also have it with a nice fat-rich meal.

This is one non-commercial source talking about calcium supplementation, and doesn't seem to have a problem with the carbonate form, although it says citrate is better for certain individuals.


This says much the same:


(For anyone using milk as part of their calcium intake, then according to Barry Groves, it should be full-cream milk (whole milk), in order to help absorb the calcium. (And I would say it should be unhomogenised if you can get it; even better if it's raw, if you can get it).

Expert Low-Carber

This says much the same:

http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/calciuM Seems a bit dated to me.
this video explains why calcium Hydroxyapatite may be the best form

Comparison of the effects of ossein-hydroxyapatite complex (OHC) and calcium carbonate on bone metabolism in women with senile osteoporosis
Quote:OHC had a greater anabolic effect on bone than calcium carbonate.

Prevention of osteoporosis: four-year follow-up of a cohort of postmenopausal women treated with an ossein-hydroxyapatite compound.

If anyone is looking for cheap calcium hydroxyapatite then I've checked with NOW FOODS that their hydroxyapatite is sourced from Australia/New Zealand so is BSE free, they also test for heavy metal pollution.
As you will have gathered from my previous post I'm not recommending calcium supplements but IF you feel you are unable to adjust your diet to meet the RDA for your age/sex group from diet/water/drinks then I think making up the difference with Calcium Hydroyapatite would be the best substitute.
I live in UK so use iherb as they are cheapest shipping to UK Code WAB666 saves $5 initially but US/canadian readers may find cheaper at Swansons depending on shipping and the discounts you may be entitled to.


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