Ketosis & Sucralose
Ketosis & Sucralose , 07-06-2012 11:55 AM

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Has anyone ever seen sucralose interfere with ketosis? I'm 55 and I started low carbing about 7 weeks ago. It started off very strong and I lost 15 pounds in record time. But I still have 45 to lose. I got a blood ketone meter, was at .4 mmol/L, and decided to cut a bit of protein. Ketones climbed, weight stayed the same. This week I decided to repeat 'induction' and dropped to 20 carbs per day. BUT, for the first time I started using some of the low carb shakes and bars from the company named after the guy who started the low carb movement. I had 1 shake and 1 bar 2 days ago and the same yesterday. My blood ketones have plummeted to .2 and the ketostix show absolutely nothing. Has the sweetener in the the bars and shakes ever had this effect on anyone?

Another possible complication is I have 2 weeks to prepare for a trip where I'll be walking many miles every day and my physical activity has gone up quite a bit. But I've either fallen asleep too many times while reading or the increase in exercise could have reasonably been expected to increase my blood ketones.

I'm not in danger of giving up low carb, just frustrated and mystified. No more bars or shakes for me until I get this sorted out.

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I try to stay away from those bars and shakes myself. I know some that do just fine with them but they stall me and I'm usually hungry just a couple hrs after eating them. I use the Quest bar if I'm in a pinch and don't have time for anything else. I practically lived off them during lambing this past spring and did just fine on them. They are much bigger and therefore more filling IMO and I don't get hungry nearly as fast as I do with the others.

BTW I don't test my ketones so I have to just go by what my body tells me.
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"No more bars or shakes for me until I get this sorted out."

You answered your own question.

Stay far, far away from those bars and shakes.

BTW- The ketosis thing is misunderstood.

You do NOT want to stay in ketosis. You want to go past that and be keto-adapted. If you are doing low carb right, you see signs of ketosis for a few weeks, then as you adapt, you see stix show normal. This means you are on track. Now your body adapted itself to burning fat for fuel, the way it was meant to be, Congrats.
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I had read that the stix would stop showing ketones (as a waste product) but I thought that the blood ketones would still be there...

I feel like I have read until my eyes are ready to bleed but it looks like I'm not finished yet!
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I had read that the stix would stop showing ketones (as a waste product) but I thought that the blood ketones would still be there...

I feel like I have read until my eyes are ready to bleed but it looks like I'm not finished yet!
I would consider tossing the stix in the trash. They seem like more worry than they are worth.

I have been at this since 2008 and have never done a keto stix.

I know I minimize carbs. I can't think of anything a keto stix is going to tell me that I am not already doing.
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Wilco on the stix.

I think the ketone blood meters are fairly new on the consumer market. They just look at you funny when you try to get the test strips in the local brick & mortar stores. I have "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" on order, which I'm hoping will tell me more about blood ketones. In the meanwhile I only have a reference I quickly scribbled down while listening to a Taubes audiobook and this to go on -
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It's not complicated.

Ketones increase temporarily when you transition from SAD to LC. When your body adapts after a few weeks, they go back to normal. You want to at least stay at the point where you remain adapted to burning fat for fuel (ketones burn and don't just circulate and show up on test strips). Keep carbs low and you should be fine.
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I finally got my copy of Volek & Phinney's book The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance and was able to read it. What they are saying matches what I've seen. The ketostix that test urine may fall off after a while when the body starts burning fat and stops dumping ketones as waste. But the blood ketones, which is what I was talking about, can still be measured and used to gauge your fat burning adaptation. Mine are right where they are supposed to be (now) and I intend to keep taking measurements as I strive to see how much protein I can have before it negatively affects my fat burning. With luck, the day will come when I can have a few berries as well.

Your mileage may vary.
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Keep testing and sharing, tjm!

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The N=1 takeaway from this is that the Atkins bars and shakes throw you out of ketosis. They have so much stuff in them, it could be any one of the ingredients. Having the ketone blood meter will allow you to see--that's a great tool and a new way of "eating to the meter".

Remember, short stalls and plateaus are not unusual, but it will be interesting to be able to see if stalls and plateaus correlate to blood ketone levels or not. How neat to be able to check that out.
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I've been watching the protein and being very careful with carbs. And in 12 days I've gone from 0.2 mmol/L to 2.0 on the ketone meter.

The 2.0 surprises me. I only had time to walk 2/3 of what I normally do. The only thing different about today was I had some rather difficult problems to solve and I felt like my brain was working overtime.
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The brain uses 30% of our energy or something like that!

Mackay Rippey

Has your weight loss stalled because your body clock is out of sync?